Books on the Horizon

Books on the HorizonSome writers keep their future projects and even their vague ideas strictly under wraps. Who knows, after all, if any of them will ever come to fruition.

I’ve published three books of travel writing, and so it’s not inconceivable I’ll want to travel and write a whole lot more in the future. And rather than keep my ideas secret, I’ve decided to do completely the opposite. Regardless of how feasible and realistic these concepts are, I’m sticking my neck out and putting them all right here – with crudely knocked together covers to accompany each imagined title.

It is an ongoing, occasional series called “Books on the Horizon”. They’re a mix of the whimsical, fanciful and entirely impractical, and most of them are certain never to materialise. But it’s fun to imagine – and I will publish new titles from time to time.

Read a fuller introduction and background to my series, and click on the titles below as they are “published”. You can also read a reflection on the process of writing the first eight titles.

My “Books on the Horizon” is a series inspired by The Impossible Books of Keith Kahn-Harris.

Not Holland The Next Stop: Inverness to Aberdeen Travels with Esperanto Capital Creations The Last of the Mullets Ramblin Man Night Rider Tracks Bypassed Between Vast Oceans Anything But GuinnessAnything But Guinness The United States of Beer Tramping The Long White CloudIsland Hopping