Hurley Burley

I’ve got back from a few days away from work to discover two interesting things.

George Burley is going to be the new Scotland manager. This is good news, and he was always my favourite from among the apparent shortlist. His amazing management of Hearts in 2005 broke the Old Firm hegemony until – in one of Romanov‘s numerous fits of insanity – he was sacked for… er… well, nobody really knows. Burley has generally suceeded in his English appointments before and after Hearts, and his attacking style of football may suit a Scottish team who are already riding high and could do with continuing to step away from being simply hard to beat and towards being a real force to be reckoned with.

So here’s to the World Cup 2010 qualifying campaign. And to the forthcoming friendly against Croatia, where it will be interesting to see what sort of game and team Burley plays.

The other exciting news, and probably the thing I have been looking forward to the most in the last few months, is the return of Lost to TV screens. Season 4 will hopefully resolve some of the mind-blowing cliff-hangers we were left with after season 3, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens. I think the first episode is on something like the 3rd or 4th of February. Not long to wait…

Oh, and there’s no news about the mystery in my flat. No evidence of the missing stuff, no further clues, and no further strange happenings. So far…

2 thoughts on “Hurley Burley

  1. I too am very excited about Lost, but be warned: you may not get all the pay-off that you are hoping for. The writers’ strike in the US has meant that only the first 8 of 16 episodes have been completed, meaning that we will probably not see the final episodes until NEXT YEAR. Unfortunately, the producers have said that they designed the first 8 episodes to be build-up, and the second 8 to be constant pay-off. In other words, all we will see this year is build-up to the good stuff. D’oh!

  2. Ah yes, I had forgotten about that. The last I remember hearing, Lost was not so badly affected: I had not realised that as much as eight episodes will be delayed.

    Never mind, as a Lost fan I am used to the agonising drip-feed of tiny titbits of information.

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