In between travels

Desperate Dan, DundeeI was in Cupar and Dundee the last couple of days, and then I’m in Skye and Dundee again later on in the week.

Dundee is beginning to – slightly – grow on me. On a bright sunny day its Victorian city centre buildings look grand, and its array of sculptures around the shopping precinct are interesting curiousities.

The city of jute, jam and journalism does have its fair share of ugliness, though, and there’s been a lot of ongoing regeneration of late to tackle this.

That can’t have been too difficult, I imagine, as Dundee couldn’t really have got any uglier.

I took a few photos from the last couple of days, some from the train south towards Dundee which was quite moody and atmospheric in the thick North Sea mist.

Thankfully, however, Inverness today is looking… well, sunny.

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