Inverness on a cold winter's day

After a surprisingly warm few days, Inverness has turned cold. Very cold.

So cold in fact that the canal has frozen over, and frost hangs like delicate spiders’ webs from buildings, cars and indeed any people who stand still long enough.

Coupled with thick cloud and a low-hanging winter sunshine, it makes for a crisp, almost Narnia-like, atmosphere.

I took off for a nice long walk with my camera today to explore it all, and here are the results. To be honest, I’m not entirely pleased with my haul considering the beautiful conditions, but they’ll do.

Happy pre-Hogmanay.

3 thoughts on “Inverness on a cold winter's day

  1. I’d be happy to swap with you!! It’s 34 in Brisbane today and I’m hiding out inside trying to recover from some serious sunburn.

    Could really use some icicles right now!! šŸ™‚

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