iPod problems

It pains me to report a problem with an Apple product – especially seeing as how I may be a Mac owner very soon (more on that later) – but my iPod is playing up.

It seems the casing at the top, around the headphone port, has cracked a little, and one consequence is that I can now only get sound in one ear (even with different headphones). If I firmly squeeze the iPod in certain places near the top, the sound in both ears comes back intermittently.

A quick google of the problem shows up a page on the rather marvellous Wikihow, and the instructions on how to buy the replacement part and fix the problem seem clear. However, I am one of the most unpractical people around, and am rather feart of opening up a piece of electrical equipment without competent supervision, a pair of scientist’s goggles and a labcoat.

Anyone else experienced this difficulty? Any Appleheads’ advice would be gratefully received.

3 thoughts on “iPod problems

  1. Don’t even fuss with it your self – i found ipodjuice.com when my ipdo video battery died and they fixed that and also my cracked screen for a ver reasonable price. Not promoting them but they really did do a good job and got the thing back to me fast.

  2. Am on my third pair of iPod headphones since July! Know others who’ve had similar problems so just assume that, for all their loveliness, much iPod stuff just isn’t very durable.

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