It's a funny old web

I had a nice catch-up with Niall last night.

Among the numerous deep and meaningful conversations we had, Niall mentioned that his blog seems to be attracting huge numbers of people who search for Brazil on the internet. Indeed, if you Google “ten facts about brazil“, this is among the top results.

It got me thinking, because something similar has been happening to me in the past few weeks: according to my blog’s stats page, up to twenty or thirty visitors a day get here because they are searching for Montenegro. Which is strange, because I’ve only mentioned Montenegro once on my blog.

Well, twice now.

I feel that if numerous people around the world are depending on me for their information about the small Balkan nation, then I really ought to have more for them.

So my next post is going to be “10 facts about Montenegro”. I suspect that not all of them will be entirely true.

Oh, before I forget, Niall and I were out last night and as we departed the pub, Craig Brewster walked past. He didn’t recognise us, though.

Not that he let on, anyway.

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