On Thursday night, Nicole and I went to see Katzenjammer, apparently an evening of piano music.

Not being a cultured sort, I decided to humour my wife and her love of classical music.  What we got, however, was something totally different from what I expected.

Katzenjammer are two English pianists – well, performers and comedians might be more accurate – who delivered an evening of sketches, performances and anecdotes that broadly told the history of the piano.

Playing one piano at the same time, telling stories about famous composers, and taking us on a journey from the classical era to the era of modern music, Katzenjammer had us entertained, wowed, and laughing almost constantly.  Their camp antics, outrageous behaviour at the piano, and engaging banter was great; and the disco at the end, including gangster rap to the piano, was quite something to behold.

If you get the chance to see Katzenjammer, please do.  You don’t need to have any interest or appreciation in the piano, or any culturedness.

After all, I went.

There are a few videos on their website where you can find out more.

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