Last of the USA photos

Finally, two months after getting back, I’ve finally got the last of my photos from the USA trip uploaded.

Apart from this stray shot from California on the right, which I forgot to upload earlier, they’re all either of Seattle, where we spent our last day, or the flight home.

I liked Seattle.

Although it felt a little too well-managed and gentrified to be the home of grunge, it still had a lovely mix of old and new buildings, a lot of native art around the place, the famous Pike Place Market, a lovely coastline, and great views from the Space Needle.

So, that was the USA, or at least a whistle-stop zip-through the west coast of it.

It was great fun, but an exhausting trip, and in many ways I haven’t yet had the chance to recover from it. Christmas and New Year will be spent doing very little, as will the two weeks I’ve booked off around April…

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