Let the travels recommence…

Ring of BrodgarA mixture of the heavy snow and a quiet work diary has meant I’ve not been out of Inverness – bar a couple of trips an hour away – for about a month.  It’s safe to say that cabin fever has set in, and Nicole and I are ready to spread our wings a little.

We had a nice walk along the beach and forests tracks at Dores this afternoon, and are already plotting what adventures we might undertake to foreign climes this year, more on which soon.  And yes, mullets might just be on the agenda.

Luckily for me, after a couple of desk-bound weeks at work, I have quite a tour of Scotland ahead of me.  This week coming not only includes a rare day of working on Monday but sees me away from home the whole five days.  Thank goodness the snow is more or less gone from low-level and that Scotland’s transport system seems to be working again.  Just in time.

I leave early tomorrow morning for Orkney (a small bit of which you can see above) for a meeting and overnight stay there; fly to Edinburgh for two days’ work (tying in a meeting with a bookshop to finalise details of a reading, and a catch-up with Niall while I am there); then on Thursday morning I have a literally flying visit to Shetland for a meeting, a day trip that sees me finish up in Aberdeen (and hopefully a catch-up with the gang there) before meetings there on Friday.  I get home on the train late on Friday night.

It’s a shame to be doing the trips in such a funny order – there was no alternative – and equally disappointing to be spending such little time in Orkney and Shetland.  But such is life.  And it’s good news for my Flybe points accumulation.

4 thoughts on “Let the travels recommence…

  1. Hi Bec. It’s out on 1st February – so it’s only available to pre-order til then. You can get it on amazon.co.uk and many other online retailers, and it’s worth asking your local bookshop if they stock it!

    For your Aussie kin, you’d need to order it from abroad (eg amazon.com) for now. I am working on Aussie availability with the publisher right now. All the key links will be on my website.

  2. sounds like they need to set up a varwell shetland orkney shuttle service:) trust ur enjoying married life, and i’ll look out for ur book!! also love the pics…

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