Letting The Side down

By candlelight and spotlight
I was at a gig last night at the Ironworks, which I was greatly looking forward to – The Side, who I saw recently, were playing alongside various others.

Only they weren’t – and it was only at the end of the night, when the crew started dismantling the set, that it transpired they weren’t actually playing.

There’d been no cancellation notice (The Side were still billed on the website and on posters on the day) and I’d actually emailed the Ironworks some weeks ago to check the timing of their appearance but had got no response, which I found a bit disappointing.

So I ended up being there with a couple of friends for over four hours waiting for a gig that never happened, feeling a bit foolish for having enthused all evening about the band we were there to see. Admittedly the other bands were good, but I was less than happy at 1.30am to discover that the band I’d been hoping to see were, for whatever reason, not playing.

I’m tempted to ask for the whole £0.00 back that I paid to get in.

The other day I booked tickets for another performance at the Ironworks – Dave Gorman, who is doing a stand-up show in September. That should be good – I’ve read his books but never seen him live. I’d expect him to turn up, although given he’s aiming to have cycled across most of the length of Britain to get here, who knows…

2 thoughts on “Letting The Side down

  1. Let’s hope that Coldplay botehr to show up, when you go and see them – otherwise, you’ll end up having been to a Jay-zee gig. Now that would be something to tell your grandchildren…

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