Life’s big events

Apparently death, divorce and moving house are the three most stressful things you can do in life.

Nicole and I have just experienced one of them, and it was a remarkably smooth transition.  It’s been exhausting, the paperwork is laborious and various friends have been a huge help; though I imagine that applies to all three of those life-altering practices.

In case you’re still wondering, it’s the latter of the three events we’ve undertaken.  Living in what was my very small flat was a bit of a squeeze or the two of us, and so we’ve moved, still within Inverness, to somewhere bigger.  There is more space, more light and generally more freedom in our new house, and we both love it very much – albeit that there is still much to do before the place fully feels like home.

Of course, moving into a much bigger place not long after marriage leads to the inevitable questions about whether we have dreams of adding a bit more noise, colour and life to our household.  And the answer is no – I can categorically confirm we will not be getting a television.

2 thoughts on “Life’s big events

  1. Very good.

    Like Tim Minchin saying about the peer pressure of everyone else having kids and every day receiving yet another high resolution image of the latest bundle of joy.

    “…and then we sat down and found ourselves having that conversation, saying, It’s always going to be a big financial burden. Why don’t we just do it? Why don’t we just … buy a digital camera?”

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