Living Letters of the Word

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In some probably unlikely news, I recently had a contribution published in a book of Christian readings and meditations.

From Wild Goose Publications, the publishing arm of the Iona Community, Living Letters of the Word is a four-month collection of daily readings that reflect on various aspects of Christian life. My contribution is a short description of my search for a new church in Glasgow when I moved there in 2006.

A somewhat infamous adventure in some Christian circles at the time, my search was controversial because of the frank reviews I wrote on my blog about the different churches I experienced. That honesty was a bit too much for some to handle, but the honest and transparent observations I made were reflected seriously upon by others whose churches I visited. You can read the full story here.

What I did for Living Letters of the Word was tidy up my account of my experiences into a more concise essay that reflects not only on the search itself, but only the nature of community and welcome in churches, something that became a major theme and learning point in my search.

Hopefully I’ve managed to strike a nice balance in the article between the serious reflection and the light-hearted mischief that the search sparked.

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