Loch Ossian

On Friday the St Silas hillwalkers will be deathmarching their way north to Loch Ossian for a whole weekend of Munro-based masochism.

We’ll be staying in a youth hostel that is only accessible by rail. It describes itself as a “rustic-style eco hostel” (that means a complete hole with no basic facilities). It’s ten miles from the nearest road, so there will be no escape for two whole days.

Wish me luck.

On the plus side, it is home to a unique part of Scottish cinema history – it was at Loch Ossian that the famous “it’s shite being Scottish!” speech in Trainspotting was filmed.

No doubt I’ll take the occasional photo or two.

One thought on “Loch Ossian

  1. It has a fine mini wind-powered electricity generator and is only about a mile form the railway, so not a COMPLETE hole. I look forward to showing you around.

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