Long day

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

I rounded off a busy week with a long day in Thurso – leaving in the dark and not really seeing sunrise until I’d crossed two county boundaries, seeing the sun peep out of the North Sea and bathe the east coast of Sutherland and sky above it with beautiful, fiery redness.

Add to that the Bladerunner-esque sight of rigs in the Cromarty Firth lit up against the pre-dawn, and the haunting scenes of wind turbines, abandoned and lonely buildings and thick forests all backdropped by thick, atmospheric fog which has dogged most of Scotland, and it was a pretty sensational journey.

Shame I was driving and didn’t really have the time to stop for photos. You’ll have to take my word for it that it was one of the nicest drives up the rollercoaster that is the A9 north.

You’ll also have to take my word for it that “backdropped” is a real word. It’s been a long day so I feel I am allowed some creativity with the English language.

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