Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons album coverI’ve decided, in a fit of pretentiousness, to give my blog a name: “Lost Horizons”.

For some time, I’ve been wondering about what neat phrase, quote or concept could sum up my blog.

Perhaps something that is a little more creative and thoughtful than simply “Simon Varwell’s blog”, which is admittedly very Ronseal but ultimately somewhat bland.

Because I wanted to go for something travel-related, I considered going for “Rambin’ Man“, the name of a wonderful Lemon Jelly song that sums up everything about wanderlust and the diversity of this world of ours. However, I didn’t want people to think that “ramblin'” referred to my style of writing.

Instead, I’ve gone for “Lost Horizons”, the name of the album that “Ramblin’ Man” comes from. It’s a great album. Lemon Jelly are British purveyors of gentle, quirky and catchy electronica, and the tracks on “Lost Horizons” evoke ideas of exploration, discovery, and searching for new things – such as, I suppose, lost horizons.

I’ve always very much thought it to be in the background of my music collection, but when I recently lent it to a friend who absolutely loved it, I realised firstly how good it is and secondly how much I do actually listen to it myself.

And the phrase “Lost Horizons” strikes a cord with me. It sums up those places or things that are possibly just beyond reach – whether that’s deep spiritual issues, a quiet and peaceful evening, the next mullet to visit, or what might lie ahead for me after the mission is finished…or perhaps even the impending next series of the greatest TV show of the decade. All things that I often touch on in here.

Lost horizons suggest to me a world that is too big to be seen completely, too vast to be understood fully. But that needn’t stop us trying.

I guess time will tell as to whether I feel that the name suits the blog.

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