Lost withdrawal symptoms

Due to technical difficulties at Swish Towers, I’ve been deprived of my regular mailings of Lost episodes for the past few weeks. However I have been promised them soon, which will mean a bumper catch-up session – for which I will probably have to go into hibernation for a day or so.

Interesting to read on BBC News that Lost will now reach a conclusion in 2010. Personally I reckon that’s stretching it out unnecessarily, but at least we now know that there will be an ending.

But what ending?

(If you want to comment, note that the last episode I saw ended with the gang’s penetration of The Others’ perimeter and the discovery of Jack there. Any spoilers risk the immediate termination of friendship.)

3 thoughts on “Lost withdrawal symptoms

  1. Justin better get on it for you because there are some excellent episodes after the one you’ve last seen.

    My brother was saying that he heard that (at least in the US) they’re going to air the last 48 (or so) episodes without a break.

  2. Yes they are going to have 3 new seasons – each with 16 episodes…

    whatever happened to having a Series?

    Personally, 1 SERIES was enough. If you like JJ’s work, check out Alias! Far superior…

  3. The problem is that it will be 16 episodes each year between now and 2010. I know that the American network wants to have it for as long as possible, but 2 years of 24 episodes sound much more reasonable. Once this series finishes at the end of the month, we have to wait until January (January!) for new episodes.

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