On Saturday I am going to engage in one of the toughest days I will have gone through for a while. It will involve an early start (never good on a Saturday), late finish, some concentrated physical stress, and over 12 hours of focus.

No, I’ve not taken up extreme sport, I’m instead going to be watching all three Lord of the Rings films with a couple of friends. The extended editions.

Lord of the Rings

I’ve seen each of the films a number of times, but only seen an extended edition once, and that was quite a while back.

So It will be a long, long day. And it will be strange seeing Charlie from Lost as a hobbit again.

Which reminds me of my top Lord of the Rings joke:

Q: What’s Sauron’s favourite football team?
A: Wraith Rovers.

3 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. Wow … such endurance. I hope you have been training intensively in preparation for this (and have laid in the necessary supplies to keep your strength up) otherwise you may be overwhelmed…

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