Meeting people off the internet 2

It’s been a week of meeting fellow bloggers, and both occasions have been all thanks to the Shed.

I can’t honestly remember how I first stumbled across David Shedden’s blog, but other readers include his friends Jenny and Danny, and we’ve all ended up following each others’ ramblings and musings over time.

Jenny is studying with David in Princeton and is over from the USA for a week. We met up on Sunday to be tourists for a bit and to attend the St Silas evening service (where she met some of the many St Silas bloggers.

Danny, meanwhile, was one of the Shed’s cohorts at Glasgow Uni last year, and we have been aware through our blogs of our mutual enthusiasm for Lost. We met up yesterday so I could hand over my copies of episodes 1 to 8 of series 3.

It was a pleasure to meet both. The blogosphere really does make a small world even smaller.

And talking of Lost, I had last night set aside for an evening of writing, but episodes 9 and 10 had arrived in the post from Justin, so plans went straight out of the window. No spoilers, but both episodes were excellent, with some unexpected comic moments in episode 10 which provided some light relief to the tension of other ongoing stories.

2 thoughts on “Meeting people off the internet 2

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you too…and I am now looking forward to a Lostathon as I catch up on what I have missed this series. Sorry if I talked you to exaustion…but I haven’t been getting out much lately!!

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