Meeting people off the internet

I met someone off the internet tonight for a couple of pints. They say when you do this, you should take various precautions – such as telling someone where you are going, and when you’re going to be back. I didn’t do any of that.

Thankfully, though, it was David Shedden, so the chances of abduction were always going to be slim. I was surprised to discover that he looks nothing like the picture in his profile.

6 thoughts on “Meeting people off the internet

  1. Re meeting David Shedden – how do you know he isn’t a weird alien shapeshifter (they do exist I’ve seen ithem on Dr Who)- the fact he looks nothing like his profile could be a clue to his true identity and the deeper existence of a fiendish alien plot to rule the blogging world (or maybe not…am off to lie down in a dark room by myself)

  2. Why Glasgow Divinity students though, surely we are all far too liberal these days? Although it would be a good cover I suppose… Still think my theory the more plausible (especially as Dave was a balding blond last time I saw him).

  3. Warfield was a 19thC theologian, and he wasn’t liberal! Can’t you get your plot line consistent! I just don’t know what people are on these days. When I was at Princeton first time round…

  4. Hah, the fact Warfield (19th century granted) wasn’t liberal is the crux of Simon’s plot line – its a great cover, who would think he would try to take over the world disguised as a woolly liberal divinity student at GU? But still think his theory full of holes…

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