Minion TV's album coverSome time back I was “followed” on Twitter by MinionTV, an instrumental rock band from Liverpool (who I assume found me in a search for the words “post-rock”).  I checked them out and discovered they were right up my street – a thoughtful, energetic guitar/drum sound that I would probably describe as a a slightly more upbeat and perhaps more arty Explosions in the Sky.

They’ve been achieving some great success of late, it seems, with a couple of songs being used on TV – like much good post-rock, MinionTV seems perfect for certain kinds of films or TV adverts where you need a burst of adrenalin that is richer and deeper than the sound of a loud pop band, despite a certain brightness and breeziness that you can pick up from their music.

I’ve just downloaded their debut album (called, originally enough, MinionTV), and it’s great.  From their sound and the feel of their music I get the impression they’d be great live.  Hopefully they’ll be in Inverness or somewhere else in Scotland one day soon.

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