Not everything in life can be pigeonholed. Perhaps even pigeons – I’ve never seen one in a pigeonhole after all.

This page is a “catch all” for bits of scribblings that don’t fit elsewhere on the website, but which you may want to read. It’s something of a ragtag and random collection, but I’ll live with that if you can.


Up until late 2011, I ran – completely unknown to anyone – a spoof local news website called Inversnecky that lampooned the goings-on in the Inverness area. Very much in the vein of American website The Onion, I loved writing Inversnecky and was particularly proud of its Polish phrasebook.

I kept the secret to myself for four years of writing it, it attracted a small cult following, and I even had to bite my tongue on a couple of occasions when in the company of friends who discussed it. This post explains why I wrote Inversnecky, why I stopped, and what my favourite posts from it were.


I like to consume stuff. Occasionally I’ll review it. Here (for my own record, as much as your doubtful interest – and once I get all posts suitably tagged, which so far they are not) are my occasional bookalbum, gig and film reviews. I’ve even been known to review ballet on one occasion.

Oddities and curios

This is hard going: even my “miscellany” page has a “miscellanies” sub-section. These are a completely random collection of hopefully interesting, entertaining or amusing posts I’ve written over the years. The list is in absolutely no particular order and will invariably grow over time.

Easily my best-ever Mongolia-Edinburgh crossover jokeReceiving an email from Alain de Botton | Getting a call-up to play football for Great Britain | The Universal Pub Converter | My one experience of stage acting (spoiler: I corpsed) | The two things I think Inverness needs: a suburban rail network  (an idea I have significantly expanded on) and a bloody great big tower at the harbour