Monday 16 May, 2005

I've been in Aberdeen for the weekend, which was good fun. I've decided, however, that I am getting very old. Staying out until 5am, even with the life-giving boost of a chicken curry pie from the legendary Thain's 24 hour pie shop, really takes it out of you. Also, students around town look like schoolkids. And nightclubs are now rubbish. But then on the other hand, staying up til 5am always took it out of me; students look like schoolkids due to the current craze of school discos in nightclubs; and nightclubs have always been rubbish.

There. I don't feel quite so old now. Even though I am approaching the age at which both Hendrix and Cobain died.

But it was good to be back, and great fun catching up with all my friends there. I meant to take a few pictures of the dramatic gothic architecture glinting in the sunshine, but I sort of forgot to take my camera around town with me. So maybe next time.

It is now officially three days until Star Wars – I am going on Thursday night (the first day of screening!) and am really looking forward to it. I know it's an old joke, but I just can't resist pointing out that they really should have opened the film fifteen days earlier, on May the fourth…

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