Monday 3 October, 2005

I've just taken the bins out to the street, because they are full and it is bin day tomorrow. Or at least, I think it is. Nobody else's bins are out just now, but Tuesday has always been bin day… still, though, I'm worried that I looked a bit odd taking out the bins when actually it's Sunday that we get them emptied or something.Anyway, even if it is the day after or something, at least they are out. My main problem now is that the bin in my flat is full to bursting, and I have loads more stuff to throw out – and I can't do that because the wheelie bin outside, and my neighbour's, is full. So the leftover rice in my pan will either…
1. get "wine-trodden" into the bin under the sink.
2. get put in a black bag with a pile of other rubbish to fester.
3. sit in the pan going hard for a couple of days.

These are the sorts of dilemmas occupying my life at the moment.

I say a couple of days, because I am off to Orkney tomorrow for work. For a couple of days. That should be fun… a bunch of us from work are going overland rather than flying (that makes it sound so wild and dangerous!) and spending a goodly amount of time there to get lots of work done in the college. There will hopefully be some spare time to go see some Old Stuff.

Best go pack, and be sure to take my camera with me. And batteries.

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