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I got back this morning from a very enjoyable weekend in Inverness, to find that the Radio Suffolk interview has kicked off a bit of a storm in the media, mullet-wise.

I've had texts and emails telling me the story's been in the Metro in London, the Scottish Sun and the Daily Mirror, and it was mentioned on TalkSport radio.  I also had a call from Radio Scotland who are wanting speaking to me on the Fred MacAulay show on Wednesday morning – listen in at around 10.10am.

I also had an interview request from the Sun, but you'll be glad to know I turned them down (once I'd caught up on my emails a day later) because their email contained at least one error of grammar and one apostrophe crime.

They still printed anyway, apparently.  Tabloids, eh? 

7 thoughts on “More media coverage

  1. “Hi Simon,

    (name) here from the Scottish Sun. Picked up on your interesting fascination of mullets and you’re interesting quest!

    We’re very interested in the story so if you can give me a call at the office on 0141 xxx xxxx.

    We’re looking to get the story in for tomorrow’s paper (Monday) so if you can get back to me today that would be excellent.

    Cheers mate and I hope to speak to you soon.


    See if you can spot them all!

  2. That’s not just a misuse of an apostrophe. That’s the wrong bloody word. Doesn’t surprise me from the Sun though. Pile of shite that it is.

  3. Thanks for highlighting the “listen again” option Neil.

    And Justin, yes, very unusual. Perhaps a “fascination” is the collective noun for mullets or mullet placenames.

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