More videos: Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros videosWhile I'm in the mindframe of music videos, let me direct you to the videos page on the UK site of Sigur Ros, who are probably my favourite band at the moment.

Their latest album, Takk…,  is absolutely ace, and the website has a couple of videos of songs from it, Hoppipolla and Glosoli.  Hoppipolla has got quite a bit of airplay due to being the theme song to the recent BBC TV programme "Planet Earth", and the video is about a bunch of pensioners behaving like kids.  It's gently amusing.  The video for Glosoli, easily the album's best song and an absolutely beautiful piece of music, is stunning, and involves children… well, watch it and find out.

Both are very typical Sigur Ros videos – with themes of nostalgia and lost childhood innocence, with lovely camera work that brings out the best in the Icelandic landscape and makes me want to hop on a plane or boat there right now.

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