More website woes…

Life’s never easy.

I had an email the other day from a visitor to my recently-revamped website saying that none of the links on its pages work when viewed in Internet Explorer.

Being a smug Mac user, I’ve only used Firefox and (occasionally) Safari, so having had a quick browse of my site on my work laptop (a PC) I can see this is the case.

As I suspected, it’s a widespread problem that is connected to the incompatibility of iWeb with Internet Explorer (or, arguably, vice-versa). There are plenty discussions out there on the internet about the problem, but there are few solutions that I can readily find or understand.

Does anyone know how to fix this in iWeb?

Obviously one solution is to use Firefox or Safari, but while this is absolutely right and people should avoid Internet Explorer wherever possible, it’s not always feasible to do so. Plus, it’s reasonable to expect that if iWeb is so wonderful that it should work with the world’s most-used browser.

Solutions and suggestions are very welcome.

7 thoughts on “More website woes…

  1. Oh dear. Can anyone with IE then check that works properly? I presume it does – a few people have commented it looks good, and people I’d expect to just use IE because that’s what was on their computer when they got it.

    The problem is more likely to be from IE’s end, Simon, as they’re the only major browser who don’t follow standard code. Although I hear tell that Microsoft claim this will no longer be an issue in IE8.

  2. Yeah…fraid it doesn’t really work properly on my IE8 (there’s two of the photo on the front page to start with for some reason). The links work though. Have to say thats the first time I’ve opened IE8 and its doing what I expect so far =p. seens to work ok though.

  3. Microsoft are, sadly, bending the truth about IE8. It follows certain standards, but the thing about standards is that there are a lot to choose from, and it doesn’t follow the latest ones proposed by the body that defines these things – and Microsoft has announced that continuing to chase standards is “not the mission of IE8”.

  4. Right, thanks all. Surely, however, if Apple and iWeb is so good, it would be able to cope with the world’s most popular browser, no matter how shoddy it is?

    I have no idea how I can actually make my website work in it, and that’s the priority.

  5. Go back to the old one? What was wrong with it? Presumably it could be tidied up (to make your desired changes) using something other than iWeb. It seems iWeb is using complicated CSS and layer features that probably aren’t the only way to achieve the things you want. Have a look around and download a different website editor for the Mac, I’d say.

  6. Thanks Kieran. There’s no other way of doing it in the standard Apple programs, and iWeb can’t be used to edit any website that wasn’t created through it (like my old one). There is the option of editing it in HTML through cpanel, but of course resurrecting my old site isn’t truly what I want to do, because it didn’t have things like an integrated menu bar: that was beyond my HTML knowledge. And also the HTML editor is a bit fiddly.

    Why, Apple, do things not “just work”??

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