Moving back

Hello from Inverness. Where the air is clear, the streets are clean, and the toilets in Morrison’s supermarket don’t have blinding blue lights to stop druggies seeing the veins in their arms.

It’s been a hectic couple of days, what with packing, moving, and now the work in progress that is unpacking. I also have lots to do in terms of calling utility companies, and it might be a week or more before I get the internet up and running in my flat. So my blogging might not be as regular over the next wee while.

I have a busy week, then, what with continuing to settle in, catching up with people, and a working week packed with travels for my new job. More on all that soon.

In the meantime, it’s Sunday tomorrow… wonder if there’s any good churches in Inverness…?

3 thoughts on “Moving back

  1. Ooo – not sure the blue-light thing is fair on Glasgow. The lights in the Co-Op toilet in Telford Street (Inverness) are bluer than “Big Bill Broonzy” playing slide guitar and singing “All by Myself” whilst wearing a Rangers strip. Blue light in bogs is particular to us Scots. You really need to change country if you wish to avoid them.

    As for “streets are clean”, well amble past Falcon Square at night when the neds are out.

    Couldn’t disagree about the “air is clear” though!

  2. We have blue lights in the loos in some places over here in Aussie-land as well. It’s a bit of a spin out and a tad tricky when trying to touch up ones make-up…

  3. Jim (whoever you are, welcome) – I have to confess I did pass the High Street at a very early hour on Monday morning to catch a train, and the post-Sunday night rubbish was significant. Ah well, I guess it means we’re becoming a city at last!

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