Mullet Bay, Southland

The street names are Scottish and it’s rained more today than the rest of the trip put together – it could almost be back home.

I’m in Invercargill, where I arrived at only 4pm, yet have managed to fit in a drink with a star of NZ telly and radio, a visit to the beautiful Mullet Bay, and some kindness from some lovely people. And the kindness of strangers has really been a major theme of this awesome trip.

Mullet Bay was a very scenic spot, and thankfully the weather cleared. I’ve got an early start on my trip back up the east coast tomorrow, though, so will write more about this – and the whole trip – another day.

Suffice to say that I’ve bagged all five of NZ’s mullets, and I will aim for Christchurch or thereabouts tomorrow. If like today I manage to pick up some hitch-hikers, it should be a fun journey.

4 thoughts on “Mullet Bay, Southland

  1. Hello from Oamaru. Too late Rich, I’m already on my way. No hitch-hikers though.

    Gerry – well, they were strangers and they were kind. Can’t say too much as I don’t want to divulge personal information. Thanks for visiting and have fun managing and promoting the Southland brand. Stand by for a post here on that very subject in fact…

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