Mullet update

I’ve not done a proper update on the mullet mission for a while, and so after having done various bits and pieces on the mission, here you are.

Firstly, I’ve revised the list of mullets – removing mullets that are translations of the word “mullet” in other lanaguages. There was one in Mexico, and several Maori placenames in New Zealand, and I realised that if I was to include these it would just stretch things to a ridiculous level (as if the mission is not ridiculous already), and there would simply be too many. So I’ve limited myself to those which actually have the word “mullet” in their name.

That also rules out Longueuil which I have already visited. So along with “Mulletville” I have relegated it to the status of “honorary mullet”. That means that the grand total is now twenty-six mullets – fourteen down, twelve to go.

That’s over halfway. Which is excellent.

All the mullets have been painstakingly located in Google Maps, and you can see my mullet mission map here, and you can have a browse around it above.

And welcome to the newest mullet – Mullet Bay, in St George, Bermuda. I discovered this when I got an email on the back of the New Zealand media storm.

And finally, the mullet mission webpage has been fully updated to incorporate all of this.

It’s now all systems go for the USA trip: just under three weeks to go…

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