Mullets in the post, and more from Shetland

Alright, own up – who sent me a copy of “Fishing – The Mythical Mullet With Mike Ladle And Steve Pitts“?

It arrived in the post while I was away, with no note in the envelope and nothing on the outside other than a London postmark and handwriting I don’t recognise. Whoever it is, though, knows my full address.

It’s not the first time I’ve been sent unsolicited mullet paraphernalia. In the past, I’ve been the recipient of a mullet t-shirt and no less than three sets of “Mullet Power” top trumps.

More than being an irritation, it’s more fundamentally a waste as it all ends up getting chucked out anyway – and I don’t think that’s ungrateful, because there’s nothing wrong with not wanting something you never asked for in the first place.

I don’t know why people send such stuff to me. My mission is, after all, to visit every place in the world with the word “mullet” in its name. Not collect every form of mullet tat available.

That would be just silly now, wouldn’t it?

In other news, I uploaded another batch of photos from Shetland today – these ones from around Lerwick.

One of my favourite towns at the best of times, Lerwick was on sparkling form when we were there. It basked in gorgeous, cloudless sunshine, Shetland flags flying from poles and buildings across town and beyond, and locals and tourists alike making the most of the fun laid on by the Flavour of Shetland festival on the Victoria Pier.

Forming part of the midsummer Johnsmas Foy, the festival brought the centre of town to life throughout the day and into the evening (I’d say night, but that far north, night barely arrives in midsummer).

The highlight of the festival for me was sampling some of the wonderful beers from the Valhalla Brewery, the northerly brewery in Britain. It’s based in Unst, Shetland’s (and Scotland’s, and Britain’s) most northerly inhabited island

More on Unst later, though, when I get round to those photos.

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