Mullett Coat of Arms

Mullett Creek, by BundabergA big hello to David Mullett, from Ipswich in Suffolk, who recently stumbled across my website and dropped me an email to introduce himself. I visited two Mullett’s Farms in that county this summer, so I suppose David might be related to the people after whom the farms were named, centuries back.

The other day I stumbled across a genealogy website which contains the Mullett family coat of arms. The site explains that the name Mullett came to Britain after the Norman conquest of England (the Normans never bothered with Scotland for some reason – maybe it was the greasy food). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the coat of arms contains neither the fish nor the haircut.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few Mulletts so far on my journeys around the globe, including a descendent of a 19th century migrant from Aberdeenshire who gave Mullett Creek near Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, its name.

Maybe there’s another challenge for me once I’ve got the placenames under my belt…

3 thoughts on “Mullett Coat of Arms

  1. No Theresa, no Mullett blood in me! Though if you read my second book (see right) you’ll see how I did encounter some of the locations in Suffolk connected to people who may have been your ancestors!

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