One really interesting feature of WordPress, which hosts my blog, is that it shows you what words or phrases people use if they arrive at your page through a search engine.

For example, many people arrive at my site because they googled (or maybe yahooed or whatever, but you get my point) for things like my name, the mullet search or names of churches in Glasgow. There’s often the occasional off-beat search phrase such as “aberdeen university is rubbish” (which I’ve never said!) or “cameron stout” (who I remember mentioning only once).

However, I’m somewhat concerned about one of the searches that led people to my blog today.

Image from my blog search results

I don’t remember murdering anybody, let alone telling you all on my website or blog. I can only assume this is a veiled threat: I didn’t think my church reviews had caused that much offence.

I’ll perhaps walk a different route home tonight…

2 thoughts on “Murder

  1. spoookeeee

    have you heard about that thing where you find out how you died. Just type in

    “Simon was killed by” (with inverted commas) into google and see how you met your demise. Just pick one.

    I personally like:

    “Greg was killed by members of a rival Karate dojo”

    Morbid fun

  2. Nice one Greg!

    “Simon was killed by the money grabbing system he hated.” – dying the death of a brave revolutionary, that’s not bad!

    “Simon was killed by pagans in Briton.” – a martyr’s death! Hurrah!

    “Simon was killed by the group of boys when he returned to tell them about the beast” – yes, morbid’s the word!

    Cheerful stuff. Now, where’s my Leonard Cohen album…

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