Music from Inverness

I got a message from Peter Moore the other day telling me about a Chilean rock band he’d stumbled across called Inverness.

After a quick listen they sound good – quirky, catchy and ambient rock music. Plus, of course, Spanish lyrics. I’ve no idea whether they’ve been to Inverness, or indeed why they chose the Capital of the Highlands as their moniker.

After a quick google for them, I discovered that there are in fact three bands out there called Inverness. The Chileans above; a shoegazy, Blur-like band from Sao Paulo in Brazil; and a seemingly-defunct punk outfit from San Francisco, USA.

Again, why the name “Inverness”? What might the bands have in common, both with each other and the city of Inverness?

And do I sense a silly idea coming on…?

3 thoughts on “Music from Inverness

  1. They could concentrate on cover versions of songs which include plae names in their title, so you could have ‘Bands called Inverness sings Alba’, ‘Bands called Inverness sings Benbecula’, ‘Bands called Inverness sings Letter from America’, ‘Bands called Inverness sings Mrs MacLeod’s farewell to Barra’, you get the picture……

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