My new toy

Squirrel in Kelvingrove ParkI’m not really a gadget freak and don’t like following the latest technological fashions, simply because I can’t keep up. However, I have recently retired my ancient old Nokia 3310. It’s served me well for the last four years, and is a sturdy thing, once surviving a four-storey fall down a tenement stairwell on to a concrete floor. However, now my address book is full (it seems I know more than a hundred people) and the battery appears to be dying, I have reluctantly replaced it.Tennent's Super.  The Glasgow favourite.

My new one is taking a bit of getting used to – after so long with a really basic phone, it’s like upgrading from a rickshaw to a space shuttle. Although I’m not bothered about most of the fancy functions such as games or the internet, I have been enjoying the camera facility, and here’s a couple of pictures I took on it over the weekend.

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