My views on Inverness

I saw a tweet a few weeks ago from local newspaper the Inverness Courier promoting their ongoing campaign to generate discussion about improving Inverness city centre.

Having a few strong views about the city in which I live, and having a few minutes to kill as I read the tweet, I fired off a pile of responses. Some were slightly less serious than others. Many were also, I confess, not new thoughts to me, as I’d mentioned a few of these ideas in a rant on this very blog about Inverness a couple of years back.

Whether to appease me or shut me up, the Courier got in touch to ask if they could do an interview with me to expand on my thoughts. Drawing on my tweets and that earlier blog post, plus chucking in a few new ideas based on my travels around the world, I was able to give as best a sense I could of what Inverness city centre needed.

The interview was published in today’s Courier. You can read it online.

And yes, I was serious about the tram thing.

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