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Today, I renewed my ownership of the domain name for another two years – for the ridiculously good value of £6.42. Not bad, I reckon.

As you’ll see if you take a browse, though, the website’s a little out of date. The mullet page hasn’t been updated since my return from New Zealand around a year ago, and is therefore missing a lot of the anecdotes, photos and thoughts arising from the USA trip and beyond. It’s been at the back of my mind to update it for ages.

When I got my Mac a few months ago (it’s still lovely and shiny, thanks for asking), I figured it would be a good incentive to get going on the website, and perhaps give it a little facelift via iWeb, Apple’s web design software which – when I was being shown around laptops in the Apple store – seemed to be very easy to use.

However – and this is most unMaclike – it simply doesn’t work. It turns out that you can only use iWeb to create and manage new websites, not import one made elsewhere and edit it. This, I’m afraid, is most frustrating and disappointing.

I am sure there’s a way round it, but can’t quite see.

Any Macheads able to help?

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