Mystery Worshipper hits St Silas

Ship of Fools is a satirical Christian website which I don’t read nearly often enough. It’s very good – both funny and thought-provoking – and one of its highlights is the “mystery worshipper” section, where churches are reviewed by unidentified visitors.

My old church in Glasgow, St Silas, was recently visited by the mystery worshipper, as David, the Rector of St Silas, has blogged. You can read the review here.

It’s a subject of course close to my heart – I have form on the issue, having visiting St Silas twice (1|2) during my Glasgow church search, before going on to call it home during my time in the city.

The mystery worshipper’s review is thorough, and has much to praise the church for. However I can’t help thinking that most of the negatives are simply down to the fact that the reviewer appears not to be very “low church” as the Anglicans would call it, and I reckon a reviewer more comfortable with an informal, laid back community such as St Silas would have had a much better experience there.

Such things are subjective, however. One person’s ideal church would be another person’s hell on earth.

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