Nearly there…

Hurrah for it being Friday. This week has seemed especially long and tiring, and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend of doing very little, in advance of a few days of work and fun in London.

This evening is quite a momentous occasion, because not only is it the second-time ever I have cooked a roast (beef – slightly overdone, but excellent vegetables. And so little effort!), but it’s also the historic day on which I have uploaded my penultimate batch of USA pictures.

They’ve been a long time coming, largely due to being so busy of late, but here they are.

Washington was the third and last state Justin and I visited, and was home to the second mullet of the trip. Sort of. But that’s another story, which I shall tell someday, somehow…

Coming up in the final batch, the lovely city of Seattle and some great shots from the flight(s) home. In the meantime, this upload covers much of what else we saw in the state – such as the slightly bland Pyallup, the surprisingly characterful Snoqualmie, and the surprisingly charming Olympia.

I was sorry not to see more of Washington – like the rest of the trip, I suppose – because it seemed to have a lot of history and heritage (relatively-speaking), and a comparatively large First Nation population. It was also a very beautiful part of the world. Which can be seen from great height in Seattle, as you’ll see very soon.

Funny, the trip seems so long ago now… ah well, not long until Christmas.

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