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Nokia phoneI called my mobile people, 3, the other day, to see if I could reduce my tariff. They ended up signing me up to a new contract which involves a vastly reduced monthly fee, and this new handset on your right.

Like whenever your regular newspaper changes its font or your favourite band goes “experimental”, it’s all a bit new and the Nokia 6288 will take a bit of getting used to.

I am normally quite change-resistant (I still can’t forgive Mars for changing the name of Marathon or Opal Fruits), but am spending the evening slowly finding my way around the new handset.

It all seemed to work well until I realised all my contacts hadn’t been transferred, so had to call 3 to get some help. A guy said it was a simple process to move the numbers, and said he’d call me back on a different number to talk me through it.

But then he didn’t. Twenty minutes later, I called back, and a different guy apologised and said he would call me back straight away, which he did. Thanks to his help (one of the few really helpful and easily-understandable people I’ve spoken to at 3), all my new numbers are on my new phone.

Yes, dear readers, my Friday night really is this exciting.

2 thoughts on “New phone

  1. On the deal I have, Rod, pretty good value for money. Don’t use the fancy stuff all that much, like the web or picture/video messaging all that much, but the coverage is pretty good around here. I think they piggy-back on someone else’s network like Vodafone, if I recall correctly.

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