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Regular readers will have been gripped in recent weeks at the non-stop soap opera regarding my website. If you have no interest in websites, publishing, and silly computer jargon, please feel free to glaze over about now.

The long and the short of it is that I’ve rebuilt it using Apple’s iWeb programme, which like all Apple things is at first infuriatingly unintuitive and then eventually – once you grasp its very un-PC logic – brilliantly simple.

Once I’d designed it I had a few major headaches with uploading it to my server, and the client I used (ClassicFTP) actually had a couple of annoying bugs in it. But after much screaming, pulling out of hair, accidentally deleting my entire site, assistance from the Apple forums and help from a friend or two, I am eventually there, and you can now see it in all its new-fangled and resplendent glory.

It’s a bit slick and minimalist, but I have always thought that the best websites are the ones that don’t take too much time, searching or bandwidth to tell you what you need. I am sure there is more I could do with the design, but that will wait until I can be bothered to understand iWeb a bit better.

Other than my new website, I’ve just been enjoying being on holiday. It’s good that the nice weather is here at last, and I have been out quite a bit enjoying it.

I’m in poor shape for Saturday’s massive football match, but that’s no different from past years…

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  1. There were several comments added to this post in recent days. Today, however, I accidentally deleted the post. I restored it from Google cache, but unfortunately the comments were not recovered. Sorry!

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