New Zealand: 4 more mullets

Apologies that the blog has been quiet on the mullet-hunting front lately – things are at something of a hiatus while I attempt to work out how to get to the Americas and Albania to finish off the mission once and for all. And more on those developments in due course.

But just as there was a light at the end of the tunnel, the list gets agonisingly longer again. I received an email over the weekend from Carolyn, a friend from Inverness who recently moved with her husband to New Zealand. She has unearthed four mullets in the land of hobbits, hakas and clipped vowels: a Mullet Bay, a Mullet Point, and two Mullet Creeks.

So there goes another thousand pounds and another fortnight of my life…

5 thoughts on “New Zealand: 4 more mullets

  1. What about species? Are you going to look at the mullet? A fish here in new zealand?

    You will probably have to spend the day out trying to catch one haha

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