New Zealand pictures

New Zealand photos

Last night, I uploaded a pile of photos to my Flickr page, completing my New Zealand set.

It was a frustrating process – firstly because they were all sitting on my personal laptop (which of course is missing its wireless card), and so needed to be transferred to my work laptop and uploaded from there.

Secondly, I found that a CD that I had burned photos onto while down under got badly scratched and a number were lost – including many from the wonderful day at Motutapu Island, and the visits to Mullet Creek and Mullet Point north of Auckland.

Let that be a lesson, boys and girls.

However, there’s still plenty from elsewhere, including Wellington, Auckland, Napier, Mullet Bay in Southland, and one of the highlights of the trip, the conquest of Mullet Channel on Farewell Spit.

Farewell Spit is a beautiful part of the world – a long finger of sand jutting out of the north of South Island, and a haven to all sorts of bird and marine life. I was kindly offered a tour by the excellent Farewell Spit Eco Tours who’d read about my mission in the local paper, and whose website and blog gives an amazing overview of the kinds of wildlife you can see there.

TVNZ came along for the ride too, and I believe the piece they put together will be broadcast soon and will also be online. I’ll let you know the link as soon as it goes up.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand pictures

  1. Simon you cannot possibly go home without having a sail on a MULLET Boat.
    Mullet boats began life as fishing boats, and were modified into fast racing craft. The first one was built in Auckland in 1913.
    They race annually for the Lipton Cup (can be seen at the Ponsonby Crusing Club at Westhaven Auckland), larger than the America’s Cup, it is an ornate 3-foot high, 32 lb. sterling silver trophy donated by Sir Thomas Lipton to Conrad S. Riley and the Winnipeg Rowing Club in 1914.
    Mullet Boat are not found anywhere else but New Zealand, sure as hell beats Mullet Creek in Farewell Spit!

    Two words of warning. Should you wish to join a mullet boat for a sail:
    1) The sailing will be like nothing you have ever experienced.
    2) The hangover may last for some days.
    If you can find time, let us help you find a truely memorable NZ Mullet experience.

    Selwyn & Barbara Mclennan
    +64 274 515 393

  2. I saw you at Farewell Spit tonight on TVNZ – wow – what a buzz!! Not only did I used to work for the company who took you out there, but I have been there many many times and every time was different. Paddy is a great guide and an awesome ambassador for that wee section of the world.

    I also need to add that my man has a mullet (haircut), which, by the way, are, according to reliable sources, coming back into vogue. WOW!

    Cheers and all the best for the rest of your journey.

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