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It’s a little scary to think, but my last mullet-related trip was in 2008: a road trip along the west coast of the USA with Justin. You’ll read all about it, of course, in my second book, news of which I hope to have for you soon.

One particular highlight of the trip, which I blogged about soon after returning, was Salvation Mountain. On a hill in the middle of the sorching, desolate Californian desert, one man brought life, colour and love through the creation of a quite incredible place. His name was Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain was the result of years of work.

I was told by a friend in Los Angeles, Jenny – who you’ll also meet in the sequel – that there was an article about Salvation Mountain in the LA Times the other day. It reports, sadly, that the now elderly Leonard Knight is no longer at the site and is living in a home some distance away. The mountain is, it seems, missing him as the paint is starting to wear. Thankfully friends and supporters are stepping in to do something about it.

I wish them well. It’s a special place that deserves to be protected. If you are ever in that corner of the USA, it’s well worth a significant detour to see it.

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  1. Hi Andrew. Yes it looks like him from the few photos I’ve seen. And he has that sort of speech that suggests he’s not properly “acting” – it’s more like he’s in a documentary.

    I’ve not seen Into The Wild, nor read the book. I know the story and am rather put off by it because it basically seems to be the narrative of one guy’s self-indulgent stupidity. I think I might find it a rather frustrating watch. But perhaps given your recommendation I might take a look if I get the chance.

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