Not an update

I have plenty to update you, dear reader, on.

I’ve bought a new camera. Spent a pleasant weekend in darkest Aberdeenshire. Caught up with Niall for a coffee, as exclusively revealed on his blog. Finished Firefly and Serenity. Added to my washing up mountain. Hosted a fascinating couchsurfer (booked in before my recent decision to opt out). Had some interesting news on the writing front. Completed, but failed to successfully upload, my new website. Missed out on the chance to join Edinburgh’s premier pub quiz team.

But it’s late at night, and I have a very, very busy week ahead which sees me depart tomorrow (Tuesday) for Huntly, with Aberdeen and Edinburgh to follow, before seeing my own bed again late on Friday. So I don’t really have time to update you right now.

So perhaps I’ll give a more substantive update this coming weekend.

2 thoughts on “Not an update

  1. You have just reminded me on something – that I never have looked for the Firefly and Serenity. I met the actors and their funs on a cruise from San Diego. Actually, I was in charge for their functions. Almost two years ago. …The time is flying.

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