No blogs from me for a whole week. Must be some sort of record.

I have travelled about quite a bit this week. Highlights included eating curry and watching the England v Croatia game in Justin‘s new flat in Aberdeen with him, Mark and Claire, and then getting back from a weekend in Skye earlier this evening.

Not to much in the way of photos, sadly. I’ve been a bit rubbish at remembering to keep my camera with me all the time lately, which I really ought to do because it is at the most unexpected moments that good opportunities arise.

The England game drew to an end an exciting and dramatic round of Euro 2008 qualifiers, and it’s nice to remember that I’ve made it to two of them – Faroes v Italy and Faroes v Scotland. Those games mean that I have now watched the Faroe Islands play more times (twice) than any other country.

So there’s a nice factoid for when I crop up in conversation at your next dinner party. Or for the “Simon Varwell” round in your local pub quiz.

A quietish week ahead, thanks for asking, peppered with a couple of couchsurfers. Then things start to get a bit busy in the run-up to the commercial bandwagon formerly known as Christmas. But more on all that later.

Next time I promise to have something more interesting to blog about.

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