Off away

I’m just about to head off for the weekend, and the result is still on a knife-edge, with three regions still to declare. Because they’re regions where the SNP have gained constituency seats, I don’t think they’ll pick up many top-ups. Therefore, Labour might (sadly) just squeeze through. No doubt the picture will become clear later on tonight.

I’ll not be able to blog though, because it’ll be a weekend with no internet access. I’m off to Wanlockhead with friends for a few nights, and don’t know anything about the place. Other than it’s in the middle of nowhere in the vast ere be dragons wasteland known as the south of Scotland, and it’s the highest village in the country.

Expect photos.

UPDATE: The last of the regional declarations have just been made on the radio. The SNP did better than I expected in them, and it seems the SNP have finished the election 1 seat ahead of Labour. That means… they’ve won!

Alasdair Gray once said: “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.” Those early days of that better nation have now come.

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