Off on holiday

Carbisdale CastleI head away on Friday for a week or so’s travels back north to see friends and family.

This weekend will be spent with a group of friends from Inverness in Carbisdale Castle, a beautiful place run as a youth hostel.

It’s about an hour’s drive north of Inverness, in a stunning spot in the Sutherland hills. I’ve not been there before but have seen it from the train (incidentally, the far north line is a slow but picturesque journey that takes in the dramatic coastline, mountains, villages and castles of the north-eastern highlands – highly recommended for any tour of Scotland).

After that I’ll spend a couple of days catching up with friends in Inverness before heading to Fort Augustus and Skye to see family.

It will all be a welcome break from Weegieland, and nice little earner for Citylink.

I will hopefully blog as I go, so stand by for photos.

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