Off to Albania

No, not me, but Kieran – friend, director of and one of the people you’ll meet in the early chapters of Up The Creek Without a Mullet.

He’s currently in Hamburg, passing through on a research mission to Tirana.  That’s what I discovered, at any rate, when I called him this afternoon to catch up.  I knew he was off to Albania this month but didn’t realise he’d already left, and so I should apologise to his phone bill for the international roaming charges he will have accrued in our quick chat.

The trip he’s on just now is ultimately connected to our 2003 trip to Bathore, Tirana, with Peat the clown that you might have read about if you’ve got through the Albanian chapters of Up The Creek.

And given that I am passing on 10% of my income from the book to, you will be pleased to know that your purchase is directly helping this current expedition and the probable subsequent trips that will help develop a number of things including water supplies.

Keep up with Kieran’s progress – on this trip and more generally – via the website or Kieran’s own Twitter feed.

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