Off to Bucharest

I don’t remember much about my time in Romania. To be fair it was over a decade ago, it was only Bucharest I visited, and I spent only two days and a night there, sandwiched between sleeper trains from and to Sofia. Moreover, as Niall and I travelled our way further southeast through Europe we only really decided to go at the last minute, simply to tick off another country and another city.

One or two things come to mind, though. I remember the light rain, the often dirty streets, the not insignificant signs of poverty, the vast and impressive Palace of the Parliament, and of course the slightly surreal experience of seeing and hearing a Romance language after weeks of mostly Slavic languages. I recall quite liking the city, and I am sure if I dug out my photos from the attic (this of course was pre-digital days for me) I might remember more details.

So these years later, to go back would feel a little like going for the first time. And that’s why I am quite excited about the fact I am off there next month for a week.

I never blog about work, but will say that I am going to Bucharest to help run a training event for a European project we are involved in. I’ve not been abroad with work before (England and Wales don’t quite count), so it will be a new experience for me in that sense.

As I say, I’m only “quite excited” though. It’s going to be a very busy week and I doubt I’ll see much more than the inside of a conference venue. There’s a small chance I’ll have a free afternoon or evening, though, and so I am tempted to see if I can find a couchsurfer or Esperantist to meet up with who might be willing to show me around a little.

Failing that, I will happily go for a wee wander or explore by myself. Do you have any tips? If you know anything about Bucharest, what sights or interests would you recommend?

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