Off to Glasgow!

Nicole and I head off to Glasgow this evening, on the joyful Megabus, something I’ve not had the pleasure of for a long time.

I’ll be signing copies of “Up The Creek Without a Mullet” at Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street on Saturday at 11am.  It’s a bit of a Sandstone Press jamboree, in fact, as I’ll be signing alongside fellow Sandstone author Moira Forsyth.  Let’s hope we each sign the correct pile of books.

If you’re around and want to get a personalised, signed copy, or just chat about the book, life, the weather and everything, then it would be terrific to see you.  Full details here.

Soon after that, we’ll be dashing to Hampden, along with most of the rest of the population of the Highlands, for the Scottish Cup Final between the mighty Ross County and Dundee United.  It should be quite an experience.

Meanwhile on Sunday morning, I’m looking forward to catching up with St Silas, my former church in Glasgow.

A fun weekend lies ahead.

2 thoughts on “Off to Glasgow!

  1. This offers some clarification on that front, I hope. Basically if Ross County win they are in the Europa League; and if Dundee Utd win then they are going anyway by virtue of their league position, while what would be the Cup winner’s place goes to the team 5th in the league (Motherwell).

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